Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recovering from the School Year

I originally started this blog as a way to keep blogging after my year blogging for CEC was over.  My every intention was to continue sharing my trials and tribulations as a teacher in Chicago, but then the craziest school year took over.  As I look back at this past school year, I am not sure how I made it…this year was harder than the year I was taking full time graduate courses.  I struggled with being thrown into a new position, teaching 3 new content areas, managing a homeroom for the first time, Rahm’s longer day, and longer year.  I began taking sick days, and personal days (something I had never done in the past).  I dreaded going into work more often than I should have, and ended up racing the students out the door at dismissal.

To put things quite simply I am burnt out. 

Everyone keeps asking me what my plans are for the summer, and I happily tell them relaxing!  I am spending this summer focusing on myself, and being more than ready to face the challenges of the upcoming school year. 

So follow along this summer as I share all of my fun projects and activities, as I refocus and reenergize.

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