Monday, March 28, 2016

Managing Behaviors

Since coming into my new position, I have been having quite the adjustment.  It's really hard to jump in during the middle of the school year with 3 different teachers that all have 3 different approaches to behavior management.  This is the first year that my new school is departmental starting for students in 3rd grade.  So my students travel to reading/writing, math and science classes, and I jump in and work with them in all three settings.


My biggest struggle so far has been working out a system that I can use with my students across different classrooms, but is not intrusive when it comes to the other teachers management styles.  So I have developed these behavior folders.  The students and I monitor their behavior throughout out the day, and they move a clip up and down based on their behavior.  So far my students have been really receptive to the system, and the general education teachers have been really supportive as well.  They have done a great job rewarding the positive behaviors, as my students are always real proud to share and show their charts.

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